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11 Video Game Gadgets We Could Definitely Use In Real Life

Dear Science: GET TO WORK. There are a few in-game inventions that we desperately need in the real world. Until then, satisfy your geek and gamer cravings with a monthly treasure trove from Loot Crate!

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1. The Hidden Blade (Assassin's Creed)

Courtesy of Ubisoft / Via

The Hidden Blade is a must-have gadget for any good assassin, but it's also handy around the house. Need to chop some carrots on short notice? No problem!

2. The Super Arm (Mega Man)

Courtesy of Capcom / Via

The Super Arm allows Mega Man to lift huge boulders and throw them with ease, and there are about a million good reasons to pick up something heavy and throw it on a daily basis. Think of what you could do with a traffic jam!

3. The Warthog (Halo)

Courtesy of Bungie / Via

The Warthog from Halo is the ultimate off-road vehicle. It can easily handle any terrain, and when it blows up (which it definitely will), you can just hop into another one nearby!

4. Blanka's Electric Thunder (Street Fighter)

Courtesy of Capcom Studios / Via

Blanka uses his Electric Thunder special move to zap unsuspecting Street Fighter rivals, but it would also be really useful for recharging your stupid cell phone that always dies halfway through the day.

5. The Animus (Assassin's Creed)

Courtesy of Ubisoft / Via

The Animus is the device in Assassin's Creed that allows subjects to teleport their consciousness through time and space, which is so awesome that it doesn't even matter how useful it is. WE WANT IT NOW.

6. The HRUNTING Mark III Exoskeleton (Halo)

Courtesy of Bungie / Via

With all due respect to our skeletons, they're kind of weak. Y'know what's not weak? The HRUNTING Exoskeleton from Halo. It's basically a robot walker that you can climb in and operate with relative ease, which would make your daily commute an action-packed adventure!

7. Rush (Mega Man)

Courtesy of Capcom / Via

Dogs are man's best friend, but they could definitely be improved. For example, can your dog turn into a hoverboard? Because Mega Man's dog, Rush, can definitely do that.

8. Vega's Tekko Kagi Claw (Street Fighter)

Courtesy of Capcom / Via

Imagine having all the awesomeness of Wolverine's claws, but without the pesky adamantium skeleton causing you so much pain all the time. With Vega's Tekko Kagi claw, you could chop an entire salad just by slapping some vegetables. Now that's useful!

9. The Bubble Shield (Halo)

Courtesy of Bungie / Via

We could all use a reliable force field every now and then. With the Halo Bubble Shield, dealing with unwanted projectiles would become a thing of the past. Also, you'd be really good at dodgeball. Like, really good.

10. Rope Darts (Assassin's Creed)

Courtesy of Ubisoft / Via

Are you tired of trying to communicate with your friend across the bar by mouthing words and gesturing like a buffoon? If so, then you could really use a rope dart.

11. The Skull Barrier (Mega Man)

Courtesy of Capcom / Via

It's like the old saying goes: The best force field is one made out of skulls. Plus, who doesn't want to walk around with protective skulls orbiting them all the time?

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