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    14 Tombstones Only 90s Kids Would Know

    You've got to be a #90sKid to know these celeb tombstones!

    1. Richard Nixon

    Only #90'sKids would know this tasteful black memorial stone because former prez "tricky" Dick Nixon died in 1994.

    2. Greta Garbo

    You were probably taping an episode of Dinosaurs when you heard about Greta Garbo's death in 1990.

    3. Gene Siskel

    Who knows what the weird writing is on top of TV film critic Gene Siskel's tombstone but that's a sick throwing star in the middle. He died in 1999, probably to avoid Y2K.

    4. Robert Reed

    While jamming on Alice in Chains chart topping 1992 album Dirt, former Brady Bunch patriarch Robert Reed tragically passed away due to HIV-related illness.

    5. Owen Hart

    In 1999 Owen Hart fell from the rafters of a wrestling event to his death, and learned that Heaven is indeed a Half-Pipe.

    6. Dick York

    Trivia: Bewitched actor Dick York's real name was RICHARD York. Richard was most likely on his way to see Batman Returns when he passed in 1992.

    7. Benny Hill

    Only #90sKids would know the tombstone of U.K. fast-motion pervert Benny Hill who died in 1992, the year The Pelican Brief was released.

    8. Bob Ross

    If you remember tamagotchi and pogs you definitely remember this grave stone of self-proclaimed "television artist" Bob Ross who died smack dab in the center of the 90's! #90sKids

    9. Marlene Dietrich

    German ingenue Marlene Dietrich was stuck on level 3 - 2 (the ice level) in Super Mario Brothers when she passed in 1992.

    10. Sammy Davis Jr.

    All #90'sKids are sad that rat-packer Sammy David Jr. died in 1990, before Counting Crowes really hit their stride.

    11. Sonny Bono

    Famous tambourine player Sonny Bono died in 1998 directly after hearing a ribald Monica Lewinsky joke.

    12. Ginger Rogers

    Actress and dancer Ginger Rogers was doing the Macarena when she went to the big JNCO in the sky in 1996. #90s #199s #90sKids

    13. Yitzhak Rabin

    Israeli leader Yizhak Rabin was just starting to get into JAG when he was assassinated in 1995.

    14. Dusty Springfield

    In 1999 soul singer Dusty Springfield decided to take the red pill (Matrix - 1999).

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