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    • anderson

      straight men call it “jailbait”. its always ok for them, just don’t get caught. underage girls working as models all over the city are doing whatever it takes to get work. never reported because it is so common and they all look eighteen. this is very sad for kevin clash, especially the work he does at childrens tv workshop. we have boys and girls hitting puberty at 9ish but no rage just shrugs. these “kids” are often very adult, but are just kids. i bet anything the relationship was consentual. we have laws that don’t address hormones, just laws that protect the same individuals who make them and break them regularly. this was wrong and the jokes are flying but lets give kevin clash the benefit of doubt, innocent until proven otherwise. you can’t have a coverup when most of the media was looking at two guys for the last few weeks. it always seems like news stops during an election. many kids are very sexually aware very early now. not all adult men come out early so this is just a sad example of how weird this country is when dealing with human sexuality. either way, elmo is innocent.

    • anderson

      Children’s Televison Workshop is Kevin Clash’s employer, first of all. As with all employee investigations that are involving minors, it should remain confidential. Romney brought PBS into the election. Not everything in life isacover-up. Kevin Clash isarespected, creative person. He isarole model. Most ‘models’ btw are well underage, trust me, are continously sexually exploited. Of course, PBS is the broadcast of the evil-liberal media so once again, straights will use this as an example of the declining morals of our newly elected muslim president. connect whatever dots you want, no matter how far apart.Iunderstand its so easy to makeapolitical joke out of this, but Kevin Clash the man deserves to be treated better than this. Kevin Clash has not been charged or convicted of anything. This isabreaking story and the Elmo jokes will fly, but somehow it is very sad. The bigger reality is America’s inability to deal openly with sexuality. We have boys and girls hitting puberty at 9-ish now, whichIthink should beascandal in itself but just evokes shrugs. Asacommunity, we all have to be more understanding and patient before we jump to conclusions.

    • anderson

      what does this story have to do with the now concluded election? what does it have to do with homosexuals? and yes, @johnt34, ‘the homosexual community’ does have a problem with pedophilia, because homosexuals are apart of your community. and no straight person would be ‘rolling on the floor laughing’ at this story. middle-aged married white men are still the biggest consumer of internet porn and the largest demographic for teenage exploitation of shows like Victoria’s Secret CBS special. of course, that’s irrelevant to the straight community. only straight’s are allowed to be human and make mistakes. the jerry sanduski scandal only infuriated most straights because of a footballs legends record being erased. not one victim has yet to be compensated. double standards. 2012.

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