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When You're An American Who Hates America

I American't stand it here..

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You're an extremely cynical person

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What is the American Dream but a lie to keep the people at the bottom from revolting against the those at the top?

You're surrounded by people who think like this

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Because clearly the solution to a country with mass shootings is to throw more guns into the mix.

And trying to talk to them only ends in heated arguments

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We only have so much patience for the stubbornly close-minded.

You can't help but feel like this every time you read or watch the news

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Looking at you, you toupéed Cheeto

Sometimes words aren't enough to express your frustration

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Not unless there's someway to describe the feeling one gets when one's country is becoming the 7th level of Hell.

You talk to people like this

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Political ice-breakers are the way to go-- amirite?

You constantly trying to convince people against supporting him

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And you genuinely don't understand any of the reasons one might support him to begin with.

When people tell you to just accept Trump as president

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Technically, a majority of us didn't. We have the electoral college to thank for his current Reign of Terror.

But you can't leave because...

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Who's going to fight the problems in America if not Americans themselves?

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