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"Long Shot" Starring Seth Rogen And Charlize Theron Is The Most 2019 Movie

Seth Rogen + Charlize Theron star in the first must-see film of 2019. See Long Shot in theaters Friday.

So Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen are together at last in a new movie called Long Shot, and it looks extremely 2019.

Fitted caps and brightly colored '90s throwback jackets? Yup, 2019.

For one thing, there's a lot of the word "brah" thrown around.

You might call this a "brah-mantic comedy."

And it perfectly captures 2019's love/hate relationship with the internet.

The internet is bae, but also canceled.

Not to mention the 24-hour news media feedback loop.

We love to be obsessed with the news that also is constantly bumming us out.

Which brings us to our two main characters Charlotte Field, the secretary of state running for president, and Fred Flarsky, an unemployed journalist hired as a speech writer for Field.

Oh, and we should also mention that Charlotte used to be Fred's childhood babysitter...who he also had a crush on (and still does).

The two are the perfect 2019 odd couple because while Charlotte helps Fred do "adulting" better...

Roasted 'em.

...Fred helps her cut loose and find her true self — which at one point involves taking drugs.

Charlotte: "I wanna smoke a molly with you."

Of course the film is packed with laughs.

I mean, Seth Rogen in traditional Swedish garb is hard not to laugh at.

But it also touches on a lot of things millennials struggle with nowadays, such as self-worth.

BTW, O'Shea Jackson Jr. crushes it as Fred's extremely supportive best bud.

And being in touch with one's own feelings while also trying to appear professional.

^You to you when you didn't expect a comedy movie to make you cry.

More importantly, the film low-key delves into the unique problem our generation faces when it comes to the climate and the action needed to protect our planet.

Charlotte must choose between getting ahead in politics and compromising her environmental activism from her youth. Can Fred help her make the right decision?

Anyway, if that doesn't convince you, maybe this GIF of Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron making out while on molly will?

All images courtesy of Lionsgate

Only 2019 could produce such a strange but also sweet movie. Get your tickets now and feel something different with Long Shot, in theaters Friday.

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