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    20 Reasons To Come To The Lone Soldier Dinner

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    1. When you see your best friends for the first time in a while

    2. When someone asks if you're bringing alcohol to the Lone Soldier Dinner

    3. When you finally get out of your uniform

    4. When the girls see you walk in

    5. The name of the game when you get up to wash

    6. When you hear someone is looking for you to give a speech

    7. When you realize there are no gummies for dessert

    8. When you drink the kiddush grape juice

    9. When you hear Jared speaking Hebrew

    10. When someone tells you Jared's from Florida...

    11. When you meet someone cool at the dinner

    12. When you and your best friend decide it's time to get drunk

    13. When you hear Shlomit's single

    14. When you're not from America and everyone is speaking in English

    15. When girls ask about your gun

    16. When they try and squeeze in one more seat to your table

    17. Hearing that there's a new lone soldier couple

    18. When Tziki asks you to stand up because you just drafted, got released, it's your birthday, or just because

    19. When the food arrives

    20. When the dinner is coming to an end