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These 10 Facts About London's Waste Will Blow Your Mind

London creates huge amounts of rubbish, and yet the city has some of the lowest recycling rates in the UK. Thankfully, you can help by adding a recycling bin to your home — because one bin is rubbish.

1. Every year, London authorities collect the equivalent of 1,500 50-metre swimming pools full of waste from the capital.

2. Each person residing in London produces two grizzly bears’ weight worth of waste in one year. Imagine having two grizzly bears of rubbish following you around by the end of the year. Now imagine a pair for each year you’ve lived in London...

3. Meanwhile, the average London household produces about a car’s weight worth of waste each year. Imagine if you had to store that waste in your living room instead of the council taking it away.

4. London residents discard 19% of their groceries in food waste. That’s throwing out one of every five things you buy.

5. The largest London sewage blockage ever discovered weighed more than 17 elephants, and it was composed of rubbish that should not be flushed down the drain.

6. Each year, London throws away the weight equivalent of 42,000 London buses in edible food. That’s food that was not spoiled, but was still discarded.

7. London councils incinerate enough rubbish to equal the weight of 15 giant redwood trees. Imagine burning 15 redwoods every year!

8. If every Londoner recycled one more glass jar every week, the capital could save enough glass in a single year to replace half of the windows on the Shard.

9. Every year, London councils send the weight equivalent of 75 Eiffel Towers into landfills.

10. If trends continue, a rising population of Londoners will produce enough rubbish to require an additional 500,000 refuse trucks on London’s roads each year.

The numbers are staggering, but helping is easy. Start by adding a new bin dedicated to recycling in your home — because one bin is rubbish.

Recycle for London has more information to help you sort your recycling and do your part to reduce London's waste.