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15 Simple Hacks For People Who Never Recycle But Know They Should

Being a true friend to the Earth was never so easy.

1. Buy a "recycling only" bin...

2. ...and then prettify it so you'll actually want to use it.

3. If you're running out of space, pop some hooks and a plastic bag on the back of a cupboard door.

4. If you'd rather hide away your bins, repurpose a pullout drawer to house them. You can even include different bins for different types of recycling — creating an entire recycling centre in your drawer!

5. Never sure what you can and can't recycle? Stick a cheat sheet on your bin or fridge.

6. Remember to wash out all plastic containers and pop on their lids before chucking them away.

7. Put a mini recycling bin in your bathroom.

8. Flatten all your cardboard boxes before you chuck them.

9. Keep a plastic bag in your hallway to just pop your junk mail in...

10. ...or put a "no junk mail" sign on your door.

11. Set an alarm on your phone to remind you to put the recycling out.

12. Ask your local council for a food-waste caddy.

13. Don't just chuck away electronics when you're done with them.

14. Think before you buy.

15. Locate your nearest charity shop and donate, donate, donate.

Did you know that if every Londoner recycled just one more aluminium can, we'd save enough energy to power a TV set every day for nearly 63 years?

Find out more about why we should all be recycling at London Recycles.