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    9 Nutcracker Inspired Yarnbombs in Brooklyn

    This new form of street art is creative and fun. Everything you see is made out of crocheted yarn by London Kaye.

    Nutcracker Suite

    Tonight Brooklyn got showered with new crochet art all inspired by the Nutcracker. Nine different dancers, all representing a different role in the Ballet, are hung under the BQE - at Metropolitan and Meeker in Brooklyn. The reason behind it is simply to make people smile.

    1. Waltz of the Flowers

    2. Harlequin Doll

    3. Snow Queen

    4. Clara

    5. Arabian

    6. Soldier

    7. Candy Cane

    8. Sugar Plum

    9. The Nutcracker

    And that is all folks. Hope you loved the crochet goodness.

    See more on Instagram: @londonkayecrochet and online

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