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30 Misadventures Of Americans Living In The British Isles

Two American girls who recently moved to England and Ireland chronicle their lives

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1. Trying to predict weather in Ireland

2. Coming to the realization that our short but glorious summer is coming to an end

3. The entire country of England from December to March

4. Every time I think summer has finally arrived

5. What I think using my trusty 6-year old umbrella in England will be like

But in reality:

6. In December when I saw more rain in 10 seconds than I had ever seen in my life

Everyone else was like

7. When I don’t get ketchup with my fries/on my burger

8. How I felt about tea before moving to England

How I feel about tea now

9. When someone says they’re only having one drink and I ask if they want another when I'm at home

In Ireland

10. Discovering “American” pancakes at any restaurant

After actually tasting said pancakes…

11. Every time I come across British slang I don’t understand

12. Whenever I see/hear the word dongle

13. How I imagine someone when they say they cleaned with fairy liquid

14. When I see a sign that says “Humps for 500 yards”

15. My feelings about moving to Ireland when it’s sunny:

When it’s not:

16. Realising how obsessed I am with The Great British Bake Off

17. Watching The Inbetweeners and actually understanding all the jokes and slang

18. When I try to fit in by making a joke about Cork being the real capital only to realize I’m talking to someone from Dublin

19. Watching a match in an Irish pub when it was the world cup:

When it’s GAA:

20. When someone comes to visit and points out that I now have a hybrid accent

21. When I compliment someone in Ireland it ends like this:

But in the US they’re like:

22. When I’m on an elevator with a stranger and they don’t talk to me in Boston

In Cork

23. When I look into jobs back in the states and see how little vacation time I’d get

24. Leaving the doctor’s office without paying after always having to pay

25. The first time I saw a washing machine/dryer combination

26. Converting dollars into euros

27. Crossing the street in the US

In Ireland

28. Trying to fit in when someone makes a Father Ted joke

29. Cars in the US

In Europe

30. When I see someone with tracksuit pants tucked in to their socks

But it was all worth it in the end because when someone asks why we would ever move here

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