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    • lolnope

      I love L.A. and I love most of this, but I have been taking transit since 2007, NOT by choice, and I’ve had it with hearing all this mess from people with cars about how AWESOME it is. Tell me how great it is when you have to carry 50 pounds of groceries on a 100-degree day, walk a mile from your stop to a job interview, get up at 4:45 AM to get to your office by 8:30 when the equivalent car trip is 40 minutes, get fired because transit schedules are the furthest thing from reliable, be disqualified for many jobs simply because you can’t afford a car, ride a bus to the emergency room because you have such a severe flu you need an IV and can’t afford a taxi, or quite routinely run to change train cars during a stop because you’re alone with some asshole who calls you a cunt and screams threats at you when you won’t respond to his catcalls.  You want to talk about privilege? Check YOURS. You don’t get to tell me to “get over” an effect of economic disadvantage that has had an extremely detrimental impact on my opportunities and quality of life. The minute I can afford a car, I will never take transit alone again. (PS: don’t bother with “Bawww I’M the writer and I DON’T have a car!” I don’t believe you for a second.)

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