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25 Signs You Were The 'Foodie' One At Uni

That's right. We're looking at you 'Monica's' of the world.

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4. Anytime there was a uni event on that even slightly involved food, you were there! Cake sale fundraising Queen.

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“What’s that, does it contain nuts? Even if you have allergies you’d still appreciate the flavour and skill.”

5. When people asked you what you got up to at uni and you sort of lied because you actually just stayed in your pyjamas and baked all day.

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“I’ve made cupcakes, brownies, and flapjacks.”

“It was the BEST day ever.”

8. When one of your housemates decided to go on a ludicrous diet in a bid to lose weight or appear ‘healthy’, you instantly relished in making the BEST home cooked food and rubbing their nose in it.

12. When a fellow housemate asked what you were making for dinner and you blurted out your food as though it were on a restaurant menu.

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“Well, I’m making a risotto of wild mushrooms with a butternut squash puree. I’ve also made my own stock.”

*Regrets talking.

13. You were overly protective of all of your kitchenware and went ABSOULTELY mental if you saw one of your housemates using your things incorrectly.

14. You always made your own lunch and delighted in the fact that you never dined in the uni canteen.

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“Like why would I eat there, when I could make my own food?”

*Whips out overly lavish summer salad.

15. When dividing up fridge and storage space you knew you’d be the one to need the most room. Yet, somehow by some SICK turn of events another housemate got the biggest shelf and preceded to keep just ONE banana and a tub of spread on it.

16. You were the one to initiate house meals for festive occasions and became an instant MUM when giving out instructions for preparing a Christmas dinner.

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“No, no, we make our own gravy. We don’t NEED to use instant.”

As good as the outcome, everyone regretted cooking with the 'food freak'.

17. You almost had to stop yourself from laughing when other people didn’t know how to make ‘BASIC’ things.

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“Wait, wait, wait you’ve never made pizza dough???? Like what are you even doing here? Go back home.”

18. Whenever it was a housemates birthday you were the one to start the secret cake planning.

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“We need to shop for ingredients NOW. MOVE. MOVE. MOVE.”

*Bakes in the middle of the night like a little chef mouse.

19. When someone offered to cook for the house and you couldn’t help but interfere. You just stood and hovered outside the kitchen door, asking questions.

23. You were the one housemate to sign up to all of the supermarket clubcards, so you could earn points and feel smug. Even though you actually got nothing out of it.

25. The hardest part about uni for you was that you just wanted to eat the BEST food ALL of the time but couldn’t always afford to.

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“But Mum, I really need to buy fresh coriander. We’re making Guacamole. GUACAMOLE!!!!!”

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