Wanna Buy Arcade Fire’s Church?

For $327,489, you can own the place where they recorded Neon Bible and The Suburbs.

Arcade Fire has decided to sell the church where they recorded Neon Bible and The Suburbs. The roof needs a bit of work, but that’s probably only due to the massive volume of epic sound that surely shook that church to its core.

3. They’re the luckiest people ever because they can sell their property in 140 characters or less:

4. And it’s all yours for a cool $327,489 (or 325,000 Canadian dollars)

The church is located in Montérégie, Québec.The realtor’s website unfortunately did not include any internal pictures of the church. We want to see that recording studio basement!

5. For those who need assistance (or live under an unfortunate rock):

6. Take 6 minutes and 35 seconds out of your day to feel some epicness.

I had the pleasure of being here. Arcade Fire headlined Bonnaroo in 2011, and this was the beginning of their epic encore.

7. For good measure, this one was actually recorded in the church.


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