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    Posted on Jan 19, 2013

    The Complete Evolution Of Cell Phones From 1956 To The First iPhone

    Let me tell you, we have come a long, long way.

    1956 - SRA/Ericsson MTA (Mobile Telephone System A)


    This bad boy weighed 88 pounds, making it ironically immobile.

    1983 - Motorola DynaTAC 8000X


    The first truly mobile phone. It retailed for $3,995 in 1983, which translates roughly to over $8,700!

    1984 - Nokia Mobira Talkman


    The purpose of the big box? Longer battery life.

    1989 - Motorola MicroTAC


    The smaller version of the DynaTAC, of course.

    1992 - Motorola International 3200


    The first digital hand-sized mobile telephone. For Hulk hands.

    1994 - Motorola 2900 Bag Phone


    I remember thinking that people with these in their cars were RICH.

    1996 - Motorola StarTAC


    Finally, a reasonably-sized TAC whatever phone.

    1996 - Nokia 8110


    Also known as the banana phone.

    And it was Neo's phone.

    1996 - Nokia 9000 Communicator


    The very first smart phone series

    1998 - Nokia 5110


    EVERYONE had these.


    And we all played this. At least once.

    1999 - Nokia 8210

    2002 - RIM Blackberry 5810


    QWERTY, baby!

    2002 - Sanyo SCP-5300


    The first cell phone in America with a camera. Thank you, Japan.

    2002 - T-Mobile Sidekick


    Those stupid sliding screens broke so easily.

    2004 - Motorola Razr V3


    Man did we love how thin these were.

    2007 - Apple iPhone (first generation)

    Come on. It's 2013. I'm ready for Will Ferrell's tiny cell phone!

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