Legalize Murder? There Is An Organization That Is Pushing For It.

Yes, really. They want rape and cannibalism legalized, too.

2. Yes, you read that headline right.

Project Free America is comprised of a group of people that legitimately want to legalize homicide. They are centralized in Cincinnati, but have reached their feelers out to Illinois, Kentucky and Michigan.

This poster has been circulating around Cincinatti since this past election season.

4. They like to (try) hide behind the First Amendment.

“It is no secret that we are fighting popular laws. It will be hard to convince Americans to reject the laws prohibiting murder, thievery, rape, vehicular crimes, and more. Therefore, we face a lot of legal threats, but we stand by one law that we feel is invaluable to the United States of America: free speech.”

5. But don’t worry, they don’t want you to murder anyone! You have to wait until it’s legalized. Duh.

“We have no intention of inspiring or performing any illegal
activity. All of the information found on our printed material and websites is 100% just that. It is information. We are not giving permission to anyone to perform any of these acts until they are legalized!”

We’re not free until we can murder at will, damn it.

7. Thankfully, they don’t seem to have a very large following.

Project Free America’s Facebook page only has 36 likes.

9. But they “Like” a few things on Facebook…

Normal people know that Dexter is just a TV show, you know.

Well that’s a given.

Homicide Survivors
I’m puzzled.

12. Oh, and they want to legalize rape and cannibalism as well.

“The “Free America” project is fueled by a dedication to the vision of an America without constricting laws, such as those against rape, murder, and cannibalism. As Americans, we all deserve unconditional freedom, and we shouldn’t be imprisoned by moral constraints and fear-driven campaigns any more!”

14. Coming soon on the Project Free America website: murder and rape tutorials

“Free America offers tutorials on how to get away with murder and rape without letting legalities interfere. Coming soon!”

16. According to their own polling, they claim support is growing for legalizing homicide

In parts of Ohio, there is supposedly a 21% approval rating. Their hubs in Kentucky report 8% approval, Michigan is at 14%, and Illinois is (only) at 5%.

Do I have enough guns? I don’t have enough guns. I don’t feel safe. Need more guns. Big guns. My militia isn’t armed enough yet.

18. Will they ever make any progress?

Unlikely. Thankfully, not many people seem to be very interested in the mission of Project Free America. There are, of course, petitions floating around for the legalization of homicide…but there is a petition for just about anything these days.

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