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    55 Pop Culture Parodies Of "The Last Supper"

    Personally, we'd like to believe that Snoop Dogg was actually present.

    1. Prophet like it's hot.

    2. Scientists' Last Supper

    3. Britney Spears


    If I said this was my Last Supper, would you hold it against me?

    4. Creepy Clowns

    5. Star Wars

    6. Doctor Who

    7. Classic Video Games

    8. Horror Villains

    9. Punk Legends

    10. Breakfast Cereal Characters

    11. EDM/Dubstep Last Supper

    12. The 27 Club's Last Supper


    Now this was a smart idea.

    13. Street Fighter

    14. Gotham's Last Supper

    15. Horses and a unicorn Jesus...?

    16. Amy Winehouse

    17. That 70s Show

    18. The Simpsons




    22. Popeye

    23. MASH

    24. Casino

    25. South Park


    27. Dilbert

    28. Justice League

    29. Sopranos

    30. Lego

    31. Santana

    32. House

    33. Lost

    34. Why not?

    35. Game of Thrones

    36. 80s Movie Characters


    This picture is full of win.

    37. Scientology's Last Supper

    38. Gordon Ramsay

    39. Battlestar Galactica

    40. Botched Fresco Restoration

    41. Rock Legends

    42. Avatar

    43. Looney Tunes

    44. Bob Marley

    45. Frida Kahlo's Last Supper

    46. Lion King

    47. We got a messiah up in here

    48. Fast Food


    50. Disney

    51. Peanuts

    52. The Hobbit

    53. Resident Evil

    54. The Big Lebowski

    55. Lana Del Ray

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