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    23 Reasons Why Lisa Frank Was A Genius

    There's really a lot more than 23. Rainbow unicorns should count for at least 10 reasons on their own.

    1. Everything looked like an adorable acid trip.

    2. I desperately want to eat this.

    3. If these dolphins can find love, I can too.

    4. Lisa Frank knows how to crank up the cuteness.

    5. She gave us a panda bear in a hot air balloon.

    6. They were so cute and different, you wanted to have them all.

    7. Every picture seemed so peaceful

    8. Just when you thought things were strange, Lisa knew how to crank things up.

    9. She gave the gay kids unicorns on rainbows

    10. She threw in some halos from time to time

    11. I forgot that I even had this folder until just now!

    12. She knew how to appeal to the prissiest of girls

    13. Lisa Frank is precisely 79.12% responsible for an entire generation's worth of unicorn lovers.

    14. She brought out creativity in the artsy kids

    15. She gave us hippie aliens

    16. Back-to-school shopping was usually confined to the Lisa Frank section.

    17. Horses and butterflies.

    18. "Tacky" wasnt part of Lisa Frank's vocabulary.

    19. That stationary was the BEST.

    20. Before the internet, kids used to have pen pals. This is what we wrote our letters on.


    22. She made the best pencils in the world.

    23. As if the pencils weren't cool enough, there were awesome erasers to put on top of them

    We love you, Lisa Frank.