17 Tattoos That Never Should Have Been Inked

Some things don’t need to be memorialized on your body.

1. Pussy Eater

You know, while you’re doing what you do, all she can see is “fuck you” on the top of your head.

2. Read between the lines

Well, it’s creative…

3. Making the best of a hairy situation

Trolls are kind of cute, but not when your oddly-placed body hair is making me gag.

4. Brenda

For his sake, I sincerely hope he and Brenda are still together.

5. Spelling

No you’re not.

6. Butt Tiger

Why? Just why?

7. When a joke goes too far

You’re gonna have dynamite tattooed to your belly for the rest of your life, bro.

8. Dealing with hair loss

If that was my dad…

9. Ask and you shall receive

Do you have change for a dollar? Or does it even matter at this point?

10. A picture says 1,000 words


11. Freddy’s in the john

This is just wrong.

12. Homophones

I bet she’s in to golden showers.

13. Tupac Unicorn

How does one decide on getting a Tupic Unicorn tattoo?

14. Threats

Everyone in fact does not love Raymond.

16. Completely unnecessary

At least it’s not an outtie.

17. Memorializing a meme

Oh, so you got a meme tattoo? Tell me more about how relevant it will be in 10 years.

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