10 Songs That Need To Be Banned From Karaoke Forever

I just want to sit here and enjoy a few drinks with my friends. I didn’t come here expecting to hear you sing “Don’t Stop Believin’” or “Bohemian Rhapsody”.

1. Sir Mix-A-Lot - Baby Got Back

“Baby Got Back” is not a throwback song. Nobody has ever let the song die for long enough to be forgotten! When is the last time that you heard this song and thought “Wow! I haven’t heard this song in forever!”? That has probably never happened to you. One way or another, you’re going to hear this song more often than you want.

2. Garth Brooks - Friends In Low Places

It’s always the big, burly rednecks with baseball caps and cans of Budweiser in their hands that sing this. And there you are, sitting at a table having drinks with your friends, when all of a sudden you hear a deep, off-pitch voice that completely kills your buzz.

PS: Please, do us a favor, and stop growling half of the lyrics. You don’t sound like Garth Brooks.

3. Journey - Don’t Stop Believin’

What was once a somewhat pleasant throwback to ’80s arena rock has now become a song that makes some people cringe. Journey had their time in the spotlight, and it is time to respectfully put them to rest. Leave the Journey-singing to the Gleeks…After all, Journey is still new to them.

4. Aqua - Barbie Girl

If you have ever thought this would be a good idea for karaoke, you would be wrong. It is impossible to sing this song, especially when performing as a guy/girl duet, without sounding like you’re mocking the whole thing. Girls that sing this song sound like obnoxious valley girls from Clueless. Don’t let this be you. It’s not fun for anyone.

5. Grease - Summer Nights

Similarly to “Barbie Girl”, it’s difficult to sing songs from Grease always sounding completely exaggerated and campy. And it is simply dumbfounding that singing the high-pitched line “those summer nights” at the end of the song doesn’t break all of the glasses within a 10-ft radius of the karaoke speakers.

6. Gretchen Wilson - Redneck Woman

Okay, we get it. You’re a redneck. You like country music. You also believe that you are a very good singer. We’re all happy for you, but why don’t you keep the country singalongs confined to your bedroom in front of the mirror, okay?

7. Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody

Freddie Mercury rolls over in his grave every time somebody butchers his songs at karaoke bars. Sure, “Bohemian Rhapsody” is a great song, but not when you sing it. And okay, the car scene in Wayne’s World was good, too…but you don’t need to reenact the head-banding part on stage. And you should probably not have anymore to drink if at any point during the night you consider singing this song in front of a group of people.

8. Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby

How many times have you seen someone, probably a white guy in his 20s or 30s, sing this at karaoke? Did you pay attention to whether or not he read the lyrics on the screen?

He probably didn’t. And he’s genuinely enjoying his performance.

9. Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow - Picture

“Picture” is always a song that a guy and a girl who think that they are great singers sing together. If it weren’t for karaoke, this song may have been successfully buried long ago.

10. Lee Ann Womack - I Hope You Dance

*facepalm* This song is the combination of two of the worst obnoxious karaoke stereotypes: country music and girls who think that they are really good singers.

You don’t have the range for it, sweetie.

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