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Why Lux Atkin Is So Important

Put your hands together for Miss Lux Atkin. The 3 year old legend that has won One Direction Fans and One Direction themselves' heart.

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Lux's mother is Lou Teasdale, 1D's makeup/hair wizard. She is crazy talented.

She just published a book, The Craft (check it out). She has millions of twitter followers and one of Harry Styles' closest friends.

He was at her first birthday party.

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Tom Atkin is Lux's father. He is an incredible father.

He is with Lux while Lou is on tour and out of the country. He often brings her on tour to join Lou. And him and Harry are also really close.

Dances to their music

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So Lux I just want to thank you on behalf of myself on the rest of your fans, to you Harry is just Harry and not famous Harry Styles. You love him for him. And for him that is extremely important. Thank you, he loves you and we love you. You are such a legend and so many people around the world love you.

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