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This Is What Its Like During Sukkot

Sukkot= Jewish holiday where we basically sit in man made huts (= Sukkah) for a week to symbolize something that happened in the desert a long time ago. Source: I am a Jew and I know these things.

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When Yom Kippur is over and you know its only a matter of time till you need to build that Sukkah

But then you realize it'll be Sukkot and you get to eat outside in the cold with cool decorations and lights and you get to meet the neighbors.

And then its your job to decorate the Sukkah this year

and either you'll decorate it family oriented or create only jokes you will understand with the lights and mobiles hanging everywhere.

It is the time to get CREATIVE

Then finally its time for dinner and that first night in the Sukkah

Buuuuut plot twist it starts to rain

So then unless youre a man see ya next time Sukkah! cause women dont need to eat in the Sukkah!




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