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The Crimes Of Christina Aguilera

A list of all the fucked up things 'Xtina' has done.

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  • The National Anthem

    Dressed like Julia Roberts' street walking friend in Pretty Woman, Christina destroyed your national anthem. I'm not American, but I'm pretty sure this is on par with flag burning.

  • Fashion

    Christina did herself no favors between 2000 and 2010. She went from the inbred look, to the fifties, and eventually to a bastardized version of Lady Gaga.

  • She Made Britney Look Fat

    Britney was perfect until Christina came along with her skinny ass.

  • She Single Handedly Invented The Orange Tan

    Before 2002, and the release of that God-awful 'Dirty', natural looking tans were roundly popular. Every time I see some tangerine ghetto girl belting out 'I Have Nothing' on American Idol, I'm forced to think of Christina instead of Whitney.

  • She Caused The Earthquake In Haiti

    Earthquake happens just before her new album is released, and she "volunteers"? - Not a coincidence. Didn't help your album sales much did it, Christina?

  • She Imitates EVERYONE!

    First it was Britney, then it was Courtney Love (Dirty, 2002), then it was Mariah, and now it's Lady Gaga. Give it up Christina.


    She also throws gum at her fans.