• Cocaine

    Tell me that this isn’t the face of an after-work Charlie binge.

  • Meth

    Teri before collecting the kids from school.

  • LSD

    To our ‘Suze’, it’ll always be 1969.

  • Glue

  • Poppers

    She’s 117 and still having crazy sex. This one had to be obvious.

  • Weed

    One word. ‘Munchies’.

  • Ecstasy & Alcohol

    It’s not the Church of Scientology, it’s the E talking.

  • Heroin

    Britney looks like she’s been down the methadone clinic a few times. Fair play, though, she’s back on top.

  • Pep Pills (& Poppers)

    If she isn’t exhausted, she’s taking it roughly through her nose-mouth (nouth?).