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15 Dogs That Love Snow Days More Than Kindergartners

When it snows, these dogs know how to party.

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1. Pure happiness (with a little skepticism.)

2. It's a pom-pom, it's a feather-duster, NO! It's a happy puppy!

3. He believes he can fly.

4. Aww yissss.

5. How did he do that without opposable thumbs?!?!!?

6. One with the snow.

7. I've never witnessed such genuine bliss before this picture.

8. Snowy dingle-berries is all this makes me think of. Cute ones of course.

9. *Plays Star Wars Theme*


11. Excuse me sir, you have something on your nose.

12. What's cuter than one corgi in the snow? AN ARMY OF CORGIS IN THE SNOW.

13. Do your ears hang low, do they wobble IN THE SNOW

14. I will call you Fluffy and you shall be mine.

15. Is she fangirling over Jon Snow or just loving this snow?

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