12 Things That Make Sydney A Very Difficult City To Live In

Sydney, I love you, but you’re bringing me down and emptying my bank account.

1. At least a third of your paycheck will go on rent.

Have fun choosing between a decent sized bed and other furniture.

2. You will probably not be able to afford to live on your own and will therefore have to share.

I just want some space, OK?

3. The traffic can be completely overwhelming.

Oh sorry, I didn’t realise you were hoping to reach your destination.

5. Cycling on the roads is a death-defying act.

Sydney still has a way to go towards being a bike-friendly city. You will cop abuse. Beware.

6. Navigating around the city is a very confusing nightmare.

It’s like someone dropped a bowl of spaghetti on a table and said “shall we model our roads system on this?”

7. You will be charged for the use of many motorways and tunnels.

The view is breathtaking until you realise how much you’re paying in tolls a month.

9. This is what Bondi beach looks like on a hot summer’s day.

Good luck finding your own patch of sand.

11. You will be charged more for clothing than your Western counterparts. You will have to suck it up and deal with it.

Look at this pair of trendy shoes! Urban Outfitters retails for $75 USD. At General Pants Co, the Australian equivalent, they can be yours for a cool $120 AUD. Happy shopping.

13. Likewise, you will be over-charged to see your favourite bands in concert. There is nothing you can do about this.

70 dollars to see Muse in Atlanta, Georgia. ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY DOLLARS IN SYDNEY. And fifty cents.

15. The local newspapers may demonstrate a wee bit of bias.

16. You will encounter creatures that have the potential to kill you.

The Sydney Funnel-Web spider has a bite that can cause serious injury or death if left untreated. Watch your step.

18. A night out on the town can turn into a pricey affair.

You may have to make a choice between a good night out and the week’s groceries.

20. In summary, Sydney can get congested, it is expensive and it is struggling to handle the current population explosion. However, there are some silver linings:


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