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Here Are All The Celebrities Who Have Unfollowed James Charles After His Latest Scandal

Kim Kardashian, Demi Lovato, and the Dolan twins are just some of the big names who have chosen to unfollow.

18 Tweets That Prove That White People Actually Do Have Culture

Oh, white people have no culture? Try again, sweaty.

18 Tweets That Prove Feminists Are Both Funny And Furious

"I feel like Men aren't sending us their best people."

Everyone's Personality Matches A "Mean Girls" Character – Here's Yours

Are you more of a Cady Heron or Regina George?

20 Tweets You'll Enjoy If You're Frankly Exhausted By Men

"Why did the mansplainer drown in the puddle? It was a well, actually."

21 Things That Almost All White People Are Guilty Of Saying

The phrase "guilty as charged" is definitely one of them.

23 Tweets About Edward And Bella From "Twilight" That'll Make You Piss Yourself

Yes Bella!!! You better go get that deadly vampire dick!!!!

24 Funny Tweets That'll Make You Say "Damn, Maybe Kids ARE The Future"

"Today a woman asked her what her name was and she replied 'Buttcrack'."

Kim Kardashian Told Her Daughter She Got Famous Because Of A TV Show And People Aren't Buying It

"And I was like, 'Oh ok. Ok. I'm going to have to explain this'."

21 "Twilight" Tweets That'll Make You Say "Damn, I Actually Miss This Movie"

It's been nearly 10 years since the first movie came out, and it's time we talked about it again.

22 Funny Tweets To Scroll Through Next Time You're On The Toilet

"Body type: Not bad but DEFINITELY doesn’t know how to say no to soft serve ice cream on a summer night."

19 Photos That Will Make You Sigh Heavily And Ask "Ok... But Why?"

Some people just want to watch the world burn, now don't they?

Order A Thai Feast And We'll Predict Who You'll Marry

Who knew your choice of spring roll could be so monumental?

25 Tweets To Laugh At When You're On The Commute Home

I can't make any promises though.

23 Tweets That'll Make You Chuckle Softly To Yourself

Perfect for scrolling through while half-watching TV.

Women Have Started Describing Themselves As Male Authors Would And The Results Are Painfully Hilarious

"Wow, she thought, my legs are long. Her breasts jounced their agreement."

23 Tweets That Really Sum Up Being In Your Mid-To-Late Twenties

"Sometimes I'll take a nap to fast-forward a couple of hours I'm too bored to live through."

"A Christmas Prince" Is So Bad It's Good And Here Are The Tweets To Prove It

Quite possibly the best worst Christmas movie ever made.

21 People Who Clapped Back With Such Amazing Force In 2017

It's starting to feel a lot like shade-mas.

18 Tweets That Prove Children Are Definitely Smarter Than Adults

"My son got mad at me yesterday and opened all the bananas in the house. What type of passive aggressive monster..."

23 Tweets About Mansplaining That Will Make Women Both Laugh And Sigh

"Mansplaining should be called correctile dysfunction."

Who Needs Pinterest, This Costco Wedding Is Seriously Goals

Nothing like hot dogs and sheet cake to celebrate eternal love.

21 Foods That Confused The Shit Out Of You When You Were Younger

Oh, btw, I still stand by half of these being magic.

17 Toys From Your Childhood That Seriously Confused The Shit Out Of You

I don't want to say it was magic, but it was magic.

People Are Really Excited About This "Game Of Thrones" Twist

All aboard this ship. Warning: Contains spoilers.

22 Tumblr Posts That Went Downhill Real Quick

"This post is a mess" should really be Tumblr's tagline.

27 Tweets That Will Make Women Piss Themselves Laughing

"If you think women are the weaker sex, try pulling the blankets back to your side."

39 Problems All Girls With Thin Hair Have Gone Through

Going a third day without washing your hair and looking like you've dipped your head in a giant container of olive oil.

22 Food Facts That Are Really Just 100% True

If you don't pull apart the colours on your rainbow straps, don't talk to me.

I Tested 6 Pinterest Microwave Breakfasts And Now I'm Never Using A Stove Again

Honestly, just give me a Food Network show and call it "Microwave Masters".

27 People Who Are The Thinkers Of Their Generation

While the rest of us are stuck in 2017.

24 Times Lesbians Were The Funniest On Tumblr

"Are lesbian mermaids called h2omosexuals?"

22 Tweets Women Will Find True For No Damn Good Reason

I don't know how, but they're all true.

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