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    • loism4

      If you think you are notacriminal, think again. The number of things you may have done to land yourself on the SO registry include peeing in the wilderness in some states (and if they are required to register where they were, they are required to register here), “parking” with someone your age if you are under 16 (this is sexual assault onachild even if you wereachild too, and there is NO statute of limitations in some jurisdictions on these offenses), and swattingamember of the opposite sex on the bottom. There are others just as egregious. The fewIhave mentioned here are justasampling. Asacoach, did you ever swat one of the team on the butt? You’reasex offender. Did you ever restrainachild from beating up another child? You’ve “illegally restrainedaminor” and in many jurisdictions, you’reasex offender.Icould go on, but you get the idea.

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