The A-Z Of RuPaul’s “Drag Race” Queens

Reading is fundamental and you need to know your ABCs, hunty.

1. A is for Alyssa Edwards

One of the most meme-able queens in Drag Race HERstory, Alyssa starts off our alphabet.

2. B is for Bebe Zahara Benet / Via LogoTV’s Vine Account

Face, Face, BEAUTY, Face!

3. C is for Carmen Carrera / Via W Magazine

One of the ladies to return to the runway and then score a feature in W Magazine.

4. D is for Detox

Serving Film Noir realness and serving the best reactions during season 5!

5. E is for Elimination

Not every queen can be America’s next drag superstar.

6. F is for Fierce

It’s what all the queens need to be on the runway to impress Michelle Visage. Just don’t wear green.

7. G is for Gabriel

Gabriel is Delta Work’s lady boy name. You better WORK, bitch.

8. H is for Honey Mahogany

She may have been one of the two only queens to be eliminated as a pair, but has a SICKENING music video.

9. I is for Ivy Winters

How many of you read that as Ivvvvvvvvvy Wiiiiinteeeeeerrrrrs?

10. J is for Jujubee

There are lots of J queens… but All Star, Jujubee says it best…

11. K is for Kenya Michaels

This spitfire queen served some Nikki Minaj realness on the runway!

12. L is for Latrice Royale

Good God Get a Grip Girl.

13. M is for Manila Luzon

She serves Hot Couture and loves a good pair of shoes.

14. N is for Nina Flowers

She served it until the end of season 1 and on All Stars while WERKing it as a DJ!

15. O is for Ongina

She was also a beloved professor on RuPaul’s Drag U and don’t forget to watch miss Ongina on Mondays at 9/8c on Logo! ; )

16. P is for Pandora Boxx

We loved her as Carol Channing which earned her Miss Congeniality and host of Drag Center.

17. Q is for the QUEEN of all Queens: RuPaul

RuPaul is original Supermodel of the World and has made all of the Drag Race queens stars!

18. R is for Raven

Before you say it, hunty! We’ve made “Q” RuPaul so that All Star, Raven could be “R.”

19. S is for Sharon Needles

Are you ready for Halloween around the corner? She’s getting ready to be the Official Scream Queen of Salem!

20. T is for Tyra Sanchez

…the other Tyra. She’s not a bitch, she’s America’s Sweetheart and winner of season 2.

21. U is for Uniqueness

Uniqueness is one of the four elements America’s Next Drag Super star must possess.

22. V is for Victoria “Porkchop” Parker

Victoria may be the first eliminated queen in Drag Race HERstory, but she is now the reigning Miss’d America.

24. X is for RoXXXy Andrews

One of the season 5 finalists who has three Xs in her name.

25. Y is for Yara Sofia

All Star and Miss Congeniality, Yara Sofia charmed us all with her original style.

26. Z is for RuPaul

RuPaul started this race and will always finish it coming out on top!

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