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16 Kinda Normal American Things That Seem Weird To Australians

'Murica. Bit weird.

1. Allegedly in one state it's illegal to wear a moustache if you have a high tendency to kiss people. Also the fact Americans spell it MUSTACHE.

2. Electric kettles just aren't a big thing there. Like they exist but they prefer to use stovetop kettles. Who has that much time to boil water like that? America does.

3. Orange cheese. From a can! WTF.

4. US toilets are always FULL of water. The water is so HIGH. TOO DAMN HIGH.

5. American wall sockets don't have on/off switches. Dangerous much?

6. Having to add tax to all your purchases WHEN YOU GO TO PAY. WHY?

7. And the whole taking-food-and-deciding-to-add-even-more-food-to-it thing. ARE THESE MEATBALLS, OR IS IT A PATTY? HELP.

8. Being able to buy BOOZE from the local convenience store...

9. ...or from the same place you get your medicine: the chemist! Or as they call them in America, "drugstores".

10. Being able to sue anyone and everyone for cash money.

11. Being offended by casual swearing that's stock standard in Australia.

12. College sports are HUGE events, with bigger crowds than some pro sports teams.

13. And the tailgating that goes on before and during games is insane. Thousands of people in a car park just BBQing up.


15. Taking a round-the-world vacation trip in just two weeks. From Australia it'd just take two weeks to get anywhere.

16. And putting marshmallows into a sweet potato casserole. Not OK. Very weird.

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