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    Game Of Thrones: Stock Up For The Longest Winter Yet.

    Game of Thrones fans know that the night is dark and full of terrors, which is why we've compiled a list of some awesome merch that will help you through it.

    Sundays just aren't the same without your weekly dose of Jon Snow, but perhaps these GoT inspired pieces will make your long winter feel a little shorter.

    autumn_lestrange / Via

    The internet has gone gaga over the Game of Thrones themed box by The Geeky Cauldron, featuring four beautiful accessories, a drawstring bag, magnet and themed card with custom artwork by Property of the Half Blood Prints. This amazing box ran for only $15 plus shipping and it appears there are still a few left!

    Taylor Carey

    The ring in the box is my personal favorite, inspired by the Mother of Dragons herself. Wear it to let everyone know that you are the Khaleesi and you will take what is yours; with fire and blood.

    Nina Leclerc

    The detail in the talons is just flawless. This is one of those "I'm going to wear this ring every day to subtly remind the world what a nerd I am without blatantly screaming it from the heavens" pieces. And it appears that's what most people are doing too.

    Kjjoy13 / Via

    Speaking of the gorgeous ring, what's Jon Snow doing there? What even is that, you might ask?

    bridget.bridgey / Via

    No really, what's his beautiful silhouette doing on can't be.

    Heather Hickingbottom

    Yup. It is. Jon Snow's watch may have ended but yours can continue on with this pocket watch pendant.

    Shalana Siniard

    Keeping watch may be a tough task, but you can always use something else for the down time.

    Qristina Payette

    This gorgeous bookmark with a quote by Jojen is absolutely stunning and is the perfect way to catch up in A Song of Ice and Fire.

    daydreamingdisnerd / Via

    The best part is, it's not only one sided....

    Katelyn Spedden (@kmspedden) / Via

    The other side features the rest of the quote by Jojen Reed and is just as gorgeous.

    Nina Leclerc

    And what are those you see?

    Emilyy4521 / Via

    Yes, the Dire Wolf was featured in this box as well, so no worries to those of you in the Stark family - you've been included too.

    sawall1234 / Via

    Even the bag is fit for all your gold, so that you too can pay all your debts.

    Crystal Surace Maki

    This whole box is just gorgeous and is only available for a limited time on The Geeky Cauldron so you should grab yours before they're gone!

    Miss out on the whole box? We've found some other gorgeous GoT pieces to hold you over.

    The Geeky Cauldron / Via

    While Hodor was holding back the door, we were holding back ugly crying. The Geeky Cauldron also has this Hold The Door cuff available for pre-order.

    Property of the Half Blood Prints / Via

    This 13x19 Game of Thrones poster by Property of the Half Blood Prints is one that can not be missed out on for your household Throne room.

    The Sorcerer's Phone / Via

    If you happen to be a Tyrion fan, your ears need these earrings like a sword needs a whetstone. Thanks to The Sorcerer's Phone for creating these bad ass earrings!

    The Geeky Cauldron / Via

    It's rumored this sword was forged of Valyrian steel - might come in handy for a real war against the White Walkers. Good thing The Geeky Cauldron has you covered.

    Property of the Half Blood Prints / Via

    Showing off your GoT love for your house guests? Property of the Half Blood Prints has you covered with two unique trio sets. Trio 1 featuring Jon Snow, The Iron Throne and Daenerys Targaryen.

    Property of the Half Blood Prints / Via

    While Trio 2 features Arya Stark, Tyrion Lannister and Sansa Stark. Property of the Half Blood Prints has got your wall decor under control.

    The Geeky Cauldron / Via

    If you're feeling a bit sentimental, The Moon and the Sun necklace is perfect for the Khal or Khaleesi in your life, to show them how you really feel.

    The Sorcerer's Phone / Via

    If you're more of a Jon Snow gal, these earrings are perfect for your everyday fangirling. The Sorcerer's Phone will have these ready for you to show off to all your fellow GoT obsessed friends.

    The Geeky Cauldron / Via

    These Mother of Dragon earrings, inspired by Targaryen and the winged beasts, created by The Geeky Cauldron are one of a kind and are sure to frighten some of your enemies, as well as make you want some dragon eggs of your own.

    Property of the Half Blood Prints / Via

    For the little ones in your life, this The Iron Throne print by Property of the Half Blood Prints is perfect for a nursery with a bit of a subtle threat for any of those who may come to try to steal him/her.

    The Geeky Cauldron / Via

    For those of you who know no king but the king in the north, this necklace by The Geeky Cauldron is the perfect way to show your allegiance to House Stark.

    The Sorcerer's Phone / Via

    The Sorcerer's Phone can create these handmade family inspired phone cases, so those around you know where your loyalties lie at all times. These one of a kind pieces can take a few weeks to create, but are worth the wait.

    The Geeky Cauldron / Via

    And for those days where you can't decide which house should sit the iron throne, The Geeky Cauldron has you covered with this charm bracelet.

    Property of the Half Blood Prints / Via

    From the Property of the Half Blood Prints quote collection comes the quote print this article is all about. Winter is here, and these pieces can help you to brace for it.

    Any of these pieces is sure to keep you safe through the Winds of Winter and perhaps even give you a Dream of Spring. These goodies are available for purchase but only until George R.R. Martin hears that we love them, then they're sure to be gone forever!

    A massive thank you to Candice Bennington, Nina Leclerc, Amy Hale, Emily Young, Rose Del Vecchio, Andria Erin, Kat Hope Jones, Kristy MacDougall, Taylor Schwin, Andrea Kirkpatrick, and Jessica Thornberry for their amazing abundance of GoT knowledge and proofing this article. I appreciate it more than you know, ladies. You all deserve the Iron Throne!!

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