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5 Happy Looks When You Travel For The Holidays

Whether you’re going to the mountains or the beach, put some holiday happiness in your wardrobe. #loveloft

Candy Canes In The Countryside

Going to the countryside for the holidays? Tap into those small-town vibes with an outfit that keeps you feeling jolly from the inside out. Pair a colorful knit sweater with a white coat to brighten up your look throughout the day.

Merry In The Mountains

If you’re spending the holidays on top of mountains, your style should be at the top of your game too. A turtleneck is a classy way to keep you toasty all day, and slim-fitting pants are a versatile option that help you change in and out of boots when the snowfall gets real.

Celebrations In The City

Put some glamour in your step! If you’re heading to a big city for the holidays, these gold-patterned pants should definitely do the trick. This fur coat was such a hit, it's sold out! But you can still shop for a variety of chic coats to stay warm when you head out to toast to the new year!

Tidings In The Tropics

While everyone else is freezing, you’re drinking coconuts by the beach, and you don’t feel a tiny bit bad about it. Lucky for you, there are warmer-weather outfits to match your merry feelings, like this bouncy dress that pairs well with soft-textured sandals for showing off that winter pedicure.

Stockings In The Suburbs

If you’re headed to the suburbs for the holidays, that means you’ll deal with a lot of family members asking questions. Show you’ve got your life together with this little black dress, which pairs well with fleece-lined tights and block heels to keep your feet happy.

The holiday season is a busy time, whether you stay home or go to a land far away. Shop LOFT’s versatile collection to look your best no matter where you end up this season!

Photographs by Sarah Stone and Dana Vogel / © BuzzFeed 2016