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14 "Basic" Struggles Of Being Obsessed With Fall

Fall is the best season to be ~basic~, but being basic isn't always easy! LOFT gets it — fall is hot!

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3. Planning your leaf-peeping trip for the exact weekend that the leaves are at their most colorful is way stressful.


"Did anyone google this? Is there a webcam we can check for live updates?"

4. You simply don't have the patience to wait for it to get cold enough to show off your new sweater and hat.

5. It's inevitable that someone will ask why you and your BFF are wearing the same flannel shirts in different colors.

7. You get super annoyed when your boo refuses to cuddle with you near a fire because it's "too hot."

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"If the weather drops below 80 degrees, fires and cuddling are totally acceptable."

9. Achieving a perfect fall makeup look is impossible when the makeup is melting off your face from the heat.

Spencer Bergen / Via BuzzFeed

"So you're sure I don't look like a clown? You promise you'd tell me if I did?"

Busy Philips knows the struggle is real. Watch the video to see how she does fall. And get more Busy at LOFT.

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