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Top Eight "Time" Songs Of The 80's.

These eight from the eighties stand the test of (you guessed it) time.

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1. "Every Time You Go Away" - Paul Young

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Dreamy Paul Young, so sweet and sincere. The music video included lots of ballerinas, fires and plenty of close ups of Paul's sweet, sweet mullet.

2. "The Killing Moon" - Echo and the Bunnymen

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A giant moon, a giant ship, lots of flowing, gauzy fabric, dramatic lighting and dramatic wonderful lyrics that make me feel like a dramatic teenager again.

3. "Time of My Life" - Jennifer Warnes and Bill Medley

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Johnny. Baby. Kellerman's.

4. "Time (Clock of the Heart)" - Culture Club

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Clocks on books! Clocks on drum sets! Clocks on the poor back up singers! Clock shaped cake at the end! (Plus I love a song title that includes parentheses.)

5. "Hazy Shade of Winter" - The Bangles

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Time, time, time...see what's become of me.

6. "Only Time Will Tell" - Asia

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A melancholy tune with a melancholy video featuring a gymnast back flipping on, under, around and on top of stacks of television sets.

7. "Jungle Love" - The Time

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I think I wanna know ya (know ya.)

8. "Time After Time" - Cyndi Lauper

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If you fall I will catch you I'll be waiting. Time after time.

The video features a giant ceramic dog, Cyndi's mom and Captain Lou Albano. Classic.

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