Ten Ways You Know You’ve Moved Away From New York.

Can’t find a good knish or bialy in your neighborhood/state to save your life? Are you told “sssh” quite a bit? Do you wonder where everybody’s cousins are? Yeah, you moved away from New York.

1. Nobody knows what you mean when you say you’re out of “cold cuts”

2. You say these words different than everybody else: coffee, dawn, cherry.

3. You can’t believe an Italian restaurant wouldn’t have baked ziti on the menu.

4. You’re sad that no one truly knows what you mean by “deli”

5. You’re surprised that on Sunday families don’t spend the entire day gathered together at Grandma’s house.

6. People look confused when you ask them to “put the water on”

7. When you order a pizza you ask for a “large pie”

8. On a hot summer day you long for Carvel, or for the Good Humor Man to drive by.

9. Your hair remains noticeably larger than those around you.

10. It feels weird that no one in your circle of friends is named John, Michael or Anthony.

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