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10 Technologies You Didn’t Know Could Fit In A Single Aircraft

See what's inside the most technologically advanced aircraft in the skies today, the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II.

1. A pilot helmet that can see 360 degrees around the jet at once.

For so long, X-ray vision has eluded everyone but science-fiction writers. Until now. Using imagery from six infrared cameras in the aircraft's skin, the helmet F-35 pilots wear allows them to "look through the airframe" for an unprecedented 360° view.

2. A virtually undetectable, radar-absorbent body...

3. well as an unmatched radar of its own.

4. A "brain" that paints a real-time picture of the battlefield.

5. The first-ever 360-degree situational awareness system...

6. exceptional targeting technology.

7. A robust IT network capable of supporting future aircraft.

8. The most advanced avionics system ever engineered.

9. An engine that can tell mechanics what's wrong if it breaks.

10. And, finally, propulsion technology that allows it to hover in midair.

There’s more to the F-35 than meets the eye. Get up to speed on the world’s most advanced fighter aircraft at