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17 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do In Las Vegas

Secret's out.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

1. Strap in and soar over Lake Las Vegas.

The motto at Flyboard Las Vegas is 'If you can stand, you can fly' — and that's true, thanks to water jets that shoot out from underneath your feet and lift you about a half dozen feet over the lake. Located less than a half hour off The Strip, it's the perfect way to escape those triple-digit temperatures in the summer.

Pro tip: Give yourself some extra time to enjoy the lake. There are boutique shops and restaurants that make for a great escape away from The Strip.

2. Treat yo' self to a DOLE WHIP.

3. Travel back in time to a speakeasy.

Local Adventurer

Tucked in a backroom of Commonwealth in Downtown Las Vegas is a 28-seat speakeasy called The Laundry Room. You have to text a secret number to make a reservation, then when you arrive, you are given instructions on where to meet.

Pro tip: If you're not sure what to order, the mixologists can make you something off-menu.

4. Spend a day exploring other-worldly rock formations.

Local Adventurer / Via

Most people who visit Las Vegas know about Red Rock Canyon, which offers some great hikes within half an hour of The Strip. But if you’re willing to drive an hour away, you’ll find Valley of Fire State Park. It's home to several stunning rock formations — like the White Domes, Arch Rock, Elephant Rock, and Fire Wave.

Pro tip: Pack a lunch and spend the day at the park. There is plenty to see and you don't want to miss sunset!

5. Feast on amazing Hawaiian food.

Local Adventurer / Via

There are a ton of Hawaiians in Vegas — which means spectacular Hawaiian food. One of the local favorites is Aloha Kitchen. And if you're looking for sushi and ahi poke, visit Island Sushi on the south side of town.

Pro tip: Never had Hawaiian food before? Start with staples like Loco Moco, Spam Musubi, and Ahi Poke. Your best bet is to go with a group and share everything.

6. Get up close and personal with the MGM lions.

Local Adventurer / Via

The MGM Grand used to be home to a lion exhibit, but the lion's permanent home was always the Lion Habitat Ranch. They have over 45 lions on their seven-acre property just ten minutes from The Strip — and yes, you can even feed the lions!

Pro tip: If you want to get a more in-depth experience, they have a Trainer-for-a-Day program.

7. Have In-N-Out AND Shake Shack in the same day.

8. See a piece of Burning Man year-round.

Local Adventurer / Via

Acting as a sentinel to the Downtown Container Park, this 55-foot-tall steel sculpture shoots flames from its antennae. There's also a drum circle that anyone can jump into to wake up the Mantis at dusk.

Pro tip: They often have live music at the Container Park, so be sure to check their schedule before visiting to make the most of your time there.

9. Channel your inner ocean lover.

Local Adventurer / Via

If you want a really unique experience at The Mandalay Bay Shark Reef Aquarium, take a peek at what happens behind the scenes and feed sharks, stingrays, or sea turtles through their Animal Encounters Program.

10. Play on vintage pinball machines from the 1950's.

Local Adventurer / Via

The owner of the Pinball Hall of Fame, Tim Arnold, built up a personal collection of nearly 1,000 pinball machines. After his retirement, he decided to host “fun nights” where he let the public come play with proceeds going to charity. Eventually, they founded the LVPCC (Las Vegas Pinball Collectors Club), which funded the building they have now, and everyone at PHoF works as volunteers.

11. Stroll through a seriously impressive cacti collection.

Local Adventurer / Via

When Forrest E. Mars, Sr. (think: Snickers, Dove, Twix, M&M’s) retired, he created Ethel M. Chocolates, a boutique chocolate shop named after his mother. But he also had another hobby: Cacti! Outside the shop, there's a four-acre botanical cactus garden which features over 300 species of desert plants. It’s one of the world’s largest collections of its kind.

Pro tip: If you plan on buying chocolate to take home, be sure to check out the garden first so they don’t melt while you’re walking around.

12. Hang with the locals at First Friday.

Local Adventurer / Via

First Friday Las Vegas is a monthly downtown Las Vegas event — stocked with food trucks, creative crafts, artwork, and long-time locals.

Pro Tip: Parking can get tricky so be sure to check out the site to see where they offer free shuttle rides from.

13. Zipline through Bootleg Canyon.

Local Adventurer / Via

Over the course of a full mile and half of Flightlinez ziplines, you can reach speeds of around 60 miles an hour, and you'll even get a short hike in beforehand.

Pro tip: Just visiting? They'll do pick ups at hotels in case you don't have a car.

14. Party with the stars and take in spectacular views of the night sky.

Local Adventurer / Via

For an ultimate stargazing experience, you can attend or book your own star party at the Las Vegas Astronomical Society. Escaping to Mount Potosi just outside of town gives you an incredible vantage point.

Pro tip: Don't forget to bundle up! Depending on the time of year, it can get quite chilly out at night. Wear thermals, or bring warm gloves and socks.

15. Take a romantic gondola ride under Vegas' Ponte Vecchio bridge.

Local Adventurer / Via

Skip the crowded shops at The Venetian and book a gondola tide on Lake Las Vegas instead. You'll pass under their very own Ponte Vecchio bridge — the original one is in Florence, Italy. Since kissing in public used to be taboo, they tell you it’s tradition to steal a kiss under the bridge.

Pro tip: Make a day out of it! Start with fly boarding (see #1), hang out at the shops, then do the gondola ride for sunset.

16. Take a tour of the Zappos offices.

Local Adventurer / Via

An office tour may not sound super exciting, but if you live in Vegas, you'll know that online mega-retailer Zappos has been a huge part of the revitalization of downtown Las Vegas. People travel from all over the world to experience their different tours and learn more about the company culture.

Pro tip: Don't leave downtown after you're done! Head around the corner and check out Gold Spike — a favorite amongst the locals. There are drinks, giant lawn games, and a cool vibe.

17. Kick back and relax in a natural hot spring.

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