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17 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do In Las Vegas

Secret's out.

1. Strap in and soar over Lake Las Vegas.

2. Treat yo' self to a DOLE WHIP.

3. Travel back in time to a speakeasy.

Tucked in a backroom of Commonwealth in Downtown Las Vegas is a 28-seat speakeasy called The Laundry Room. You have to text a secret number to make a reservation, then when you arrive, you are given instructions on where to meet.

Pro tip: If you're not sure what to order, the mixologists can make you something off-menu.

4. Spend a day exploring other-worldly rock formations.

5. Feast on amazing Hawaiian food.

6. Get up close and personal with the MGM lions.

7. Have In-N-Out AND Shake Shack in the same day.

8. See a piece of Burning Man year-round.

9. Channel your inner ocean lover.

10. Play on vintage pinball machines from the 1950's.

11. Stroll through a seriously impressive cacti collection.

12. Hang with the locals at First Friday.

13. Zipline through Bootleg Canyon.

14. Party with the stars and take in spectacular views of the night sky.

15. Take a romantic gondola ride under Vegas' Ponte Vecchio bridge.

16. Take a tour of the Zappos offices.

17. Kick back and relax in a natural hot spring.

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