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    Here's How Traveling Can Actually Help You Win At Life

    Two travel writers reveal what they've learned from a life on the road.

    I'm Jacob Fu, and this is my wife, Esther. Three years ago, we left our comfortable home in Atlanta, Georgia, to become full-time nomads — and now we run the travel blog Local Adventurer.

    1. You don't need most of your stuff.

    2. It's not that hard to make friends.

    3. It's important to take lots of photos ...

    4. ... but also to know that not everything needs to be documented or Instagrammed.

    5. It's not all about the money.

    6. When in doubt, try new things!

    7. Never, ever let your fears hold you back.

    8. It's easier to keep in touch with faraway friends than you think.

    9. Laughter really is the best medicine.

    10. And animals are up there, too.

    11. Families can come in many forms.

    12. Under no circumstances should you ever, ever stop exploring.

    13. Life is too short to NOT eat lots of good food.

    14. Don't compare your life to the ones you see on your social media feeds.

    15. And don't take anything for granted.

    16. Sunsets are one of life's biggest treats.

    17. It's okay to make mistakes.

    18. And it's also okay to not have a plan.

    19. Even if you think you can never leave, you can.

    20. But just know that a life of travel takes sacrifice.

    21. And that said, anyone can do it.

    And it's totally, totally worth it.

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