Top Reasons You Should Not Move To Austin, Texas

Why, oh why, must EVERYONE want to come to AUSTIN???

1. Traffic is a NIGHTMARE!

I work from home and even I know this!

2. If you aren’t at least a little weird, and proud to be, you won’t fit in.

It’s a city-wide motto, after all.

3. Everyone here is an artist, a hippie, and/or a world-changer; and then many of these people are wealthy, too…

…and it gets rather annoying.

4. It’s not like you’re ever going to actually see Willie Nelson.

Hello? “On The Road Again”??? He isn’t just hanging around Austin waiting to greet newcomers, you know.

5. Lance Armstrong inspired a generation.

And apparently, that entire generation lives and rides here in our fair city. And, boy, do they ride! All around town. All the time.

6. Grocery shopping and going out for dinner can be extremely stressful, especially if you are a fan of carbs, gluten, meat or (gasp!) fast food chains.

Even if you do make the move, best to prolong it until you’ve seen such movies as Vegucated and Food, Inc, at least a few times each. Austinites take their healthy diets and knowledge of all things organic very seriously.

7. One word: drought. Lake levels are way down and boat access is extremely limited.

While Lake Austin is basically a wide river, its levels are maintained. Meanwhile, beautiful Lake Travis and its various outlets have been hit hard by the lack of rain.

8. Too many new buildings with reflective glass mean crazy sun rays during your daily commute.

If I’m being totally honest, that’s quite a lot of excess light coming from the downtown area at night, too!

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