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18 Tips For A "Happy" Marriage

Celebrated 18 years of marriage this weekend. Figured I had AT LEAST 18 things I could share on the topic of marriage.

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12. Beware of secrets.


Some people have something they haven't been completely honest about, but be careful of those things that can be hurtful if ever revealed. Agree from the beginning to be as open and honest with one another as possible.

13. Create your own relationship boundaries.


Only you know what works best for your marriage when it comes to relationships with others, job obligations, health issues, past experiences, or any other touchy subject that spouses have to deal with.

16. Give each other space!


To grow, to learn, to be your own person, to improve, or just have your own thoughts and ideas. You can still have a strong relationship if you stay connected while also giving each other room to breathe.

18. Connect.


Hang out after the kids are down. Get away on special occasions. Plan date nights. Squeeze in a lunch date. Go to the spa together. Play golf. Intentionally spend time TOGETHER. And use that time to actually talk, interact, CONNECT.

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