I enjoy researching and writing about any kind of buzz.
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  • Stiletto Races

    Stiletto races are popular in several countries, including Germany, The Netherlands, Russia and Australia. Women dash for the cash wearing high heel shoes. Prizes are up to euro 10’000 (about $12,500). Apparently Stilletto racing is too controversial for the USA. Wet T-Shirt contests are Ok, but Stiletto races are not? Go figure. (Photo by Mattias Johansson)

  • Funky and Cool Slippers

    Did you know that there are microwavable slippers? Slippers will built in vibrators? Built in night lights? Aroma Therapy Slippers? Check out these slippers.

  • Who Doesn’t Love The Gummi Bear?

    Almost everyone loves Gummi Bears, but what do you really know about them? Did you know that Gummi Bears have a new hit song sweeping the internet? Do you know the meaning of the name ‘Haribo’? Did you know that Gummi Bears make cool photomodels? This site is full of information about the tasty Gummi Bears.

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