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UndocuYouth Respond To Bieber Arrest And Possible Deportation With #Undeportable Selfies

Can we get some slowclaps for #UNDEPORTABLE?

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So the Biebs got arrested by Florida police on Thursday morning for drunk driving and speeding in his Lamborghini. We know this.

The internet, always on top of it, responded with #DeportBieber, which put young undocuyouth in an interesting position - basically they were asking, "Should we support this douche?"

I think Perna Lal had a pretty spot on commentary over at Racefiles - bringing to light the racial disparities when it comes to white vs people of color interaction with immigration enforcement. After all, undocumented people of color have been deported for much less.

Hence, with the magic of selfies, microsoft paint, and understanding of white privilege #undeportable was born.

#Shouts to Yessica Gonzalez for sending the spawning Snapchat!

You can submit your #Undeportable selfies and memes and Undocumemes' Facebook.

What we all saw on our feeds this morning.

And the greatness that followed

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