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Things They Don't Tell You About College

Work hard yes, play hard yes

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1. Saying goodbye to your friends and hometown is harder than you think

Leaving your friends that are still in high school or go to college in your hometown is tough and probably is accompanied by a few tears. Hanging out with them was so easy and convenient, but now you might be 4 hours away and can only come home a few times during the semester. I guess you'll miss your parents some, but only because of the free food.

4. Sweating is on a whole new level, especially in the South

In high school, you walk around in an air conditioned building all day. But in college, you have to walk outside to go to your classes, to get food, and to go back to your dorm. If it's 95 degrees outside and you only have strap marks from your backpack, you are in luck. You end up asking yourself if it's worth it to wear a dark colored shirt to hide sweat stains even if you will get hotter.

5. Just because there's food on campus, doesn't mean it's cheap

It's easy to assume that food is going to be cheap on campus because it's for college students and money isn't overflowing. Just know that it's not. That Chickfila biscuit from the student center is the same price as the one down the street from your dorm. The only difference is that you're either using your student card at the places on campus, or your actual money if it's off campus.

6. Nap time is essential

Napping between classes will be the best decision you will ever make, especially if you have 8 ams every morning. Some people might say you should do homework or study, but it's hard to if you're tired. That nap will make the rest of your day better and make it easier to study and do homework after all of your classes are done.

8. The freshman 15 can be avoided

You're already walking around campus a lot, so that's exercise. If your college has a rec center, it's probably free, so take advantage of it. Take some friends with you, it's more fun that way. Don't buy leisure food, you'll end up binge eating it when you're studying or watching Netflix. Also sleep, it's good for you.

9. It's easy for the week to go by fast

You have your MWF classes and your TR classes, so you aren't doing the same thing everyday for 7 hours straight. If you have multiple tests during the week you spend a lot of your time studying, and next thing you know it's already Friday.

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