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    23 Small Batch Desserts (So You Don't Have To Worry About Breaking Your Diet)

    Because sometimes you just need something sweet, but you don't want to make a whole big batch. All of these recipes are perfect for just you, or they'd be great for sharing for Valentine's day too!

    1. Pretty Pink Rasbperry Vanilla Mini Cakes

    Liv for Cake / Via

    Recipe here.

    2. Small Batch Muddy Buddies

    Like Mother Like Daughter / Via

    The same crispy chocolate peanut butter cereal, so you won't feel bad eating the whole bowl! Recipe here.

    3. Chocolate Eclairs

    Dessert for Two / Via

    Mini eclairs for two (or one) ;) Recipe here.

    4. Pretzel M&M Scotcheroos

    Yummy Treats Healthy Eats / Via

    Peanut butter, pretzel, chocolate, butterscotch dessert! Recipe here.

    5. Cherry Chocolate Mug Cake

    Life Made Sweeter / Via

    Cooked in the microwave and ready in less than 5 minutes! Recipe here.

    6. Half Batch Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Live Well Bake Often / Via

    With just 6 or 7 cookies, you won't feel bad eating all of them. Recipe here.

    7. Berry Crisps for Two

    Recipe Runner / Via

    Recipe here.

    8. No bake Samoa Macaroons

    Fooduzzi / Via

    Recipe here.

    9. Individual Strawberry Shortcake Skillet

    Life Made Simple / Via

    Recipe here.

    10. Brownies for One

    ZagLeft / Via

    Recipe here.

    11. Mini Pear Cranberry Crisps

    Whole and Heavenly Oven / Via

    Recipe here.

    12. Chocolate Chip Cookies for Two

    Number 2 Pencil / Via

    Just two large chocolate chip cookies. Recipe here.

    13. No Bake Strawberry Cheesecake Cups

    Cooking LSL / Via

    Did someone say cheesecake? Recipe here.

    14. Molten Chocolate Lava Cake

    Cook with Manali / Via

    Because look at that gooey chocolate in the middle. Recipe here.

    15. Eggless Blueberry Microwave Mug Cake

    My Food Story / Via

    Recipe here.

    16. Browned Butter Skillet Blondie

    Creme de la Crumb / Via

    Brown buttery, white chocolate goodness, topped with ice cream! Recipe here.

    17. Apple and Blackberry Cream Turnovers

    Giraffes can Bake / Via

    Recipe here.

    18. Giant Monster M&M Cookie


    Just one giant m&m cookie, and you can eat the whole thing! Recipe here.

    19. Salted Caramel Chocolate Lava Cake

    Goodie Godmother / Via

    Recipe here.

    20. Greek Yogurt Creme Brulee

    A Side of Sweet / Via

    Recipe here.

    21. Lemon Cake with White Chocolate Mousse Frosting

    Spoonful of Flavor / Via

    A tiny cake for two! Recipe here.

    22. Peanut Butter Chocolate Mousse

    Joyful Healthy Eats / Via

    Recipe here.

    23. Chocolate Cupcakes for Two

    Crunchy Creamy Sweet / Via

    Recipe here.

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