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Are You A True Melburnian?

Rule: Imagine you are in one of these scenarios

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  1. You are in desperate need for a coffee. You have 1 hour to spare before your 2 hour long meeting. Where will you go?

    Brother Baba Budan
    Sensory Lab
  2. Before you leave for the day, what essentials do you pack?

    Umbrella, sunscreen, sunglasses, pen, phone charger
    Duh, my phone
  3. You are at Flinders St. Station, it is peak hour. How will you travel to Ringwood for a family BBQ?

    Call a cab
    Wait until the next train, they won't mind if I run 10 minutes late!
    Catch the busy train
    Stay home instead
  4. You are in Fitzroy Gardens. Suddenly it starts pouring down with rain. You have no umbrella and the nearest shelter is 800m away. How would you react?

    Stand under a tree
    Deal with it. I am having a shower tonight anyway
    Hide under my jacket
  5. It is your best friends birthday. Where will you go to celebrate?

    Crown Casino
    Go out for dinner
    Go to a concert
    Gathering at home
  6. When was Flinders Street Station built?

  7. You have a day off work. You decide to go shopping. Where do you go?

    Online shopping
    Queen Victoria Markets
  8. You want to go to a museum. Where is the best option?

    Melbourne Museum
    Ian Potter Gallery
    Immigration Museum
    Old Melbourne Gaol
    I cannot decide!!
    My house
  9. Which day is the best day of the year?

    My birthday
    Grand Final Day!
    Australia Day
  10. You are stuck in traffic. How much time do you think is the 'good run' of traffic in the CBD?

    20 minutes
    40 minutes
    It needs to run smoothly!!!
    2 hours
  11. You are told to meet under the clocks, what do you think this means?

    Meet them somewhere at a certain time
    Meet them at Flinders Street Station
  12. And finally, what colour/shade is mostly in your wardrobe?

    Black, only a few colours
    Colours, everywhere
    All neutrals
    A bit of everything

Are You A True Melburnian?

You got: True Melburnian

You know your stuff! You know good cafés, shops and directions. Keep it going!

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You got: Almost there...

You are halfway there, but could do better. Maybe a couple more months and you'll be fine!

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You got: Not even close!

You don't know s**t about Melbourne. Please visit here more and explore the best of what Melbourne has to offer!

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