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    21 Terrific Gifts For The "Sherlock" Fan In Your Life

    Or for yourself, if you're feeling Sherlocked.

    1. This shirt that brings Mary's request to life:

    2. This pillow to help you get to your mind palace:

    3. This evil mug:

    4. This bag that combines Martin Freeman's two iconic roles:

    5. This sticker for all the Johnlock shippers:

    6. This phone case that is sure to make you hungry:

    7. This laptop skin that'll inspire you to search for the truth:

    8. These quirky earrings:

    9. This card for the Watson to your Holmes:

    10. This shirt that proves wit > looks:

    11. These bookmarks that'll ensure you always have some Cumberbatch close by:

    12. This tote bag that shows your support for Mr. Holmes:

    13. This framed floorplan of the iconic flat:

    14. This shirt that offers an accurate state of your love life:

    15. This notepad to jot down hidden clues in:

    16. This onesie to inspire the next generation of Sherlock fans:

    17. This iPad case that gives you a glimpse of Sherlock's London.

    18. This necklace that will confuse your enemies:

    19. This twist on Sherlock's coffee:

    20. This sweatshirt for when you feel like channeling your inner Irene Adler:

    21. And finally, this print for when you need reminding that you're as fabulous as Moriarty: