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18 Times Kitty Forman Was The Sassiest Mom On The Planet

We all aspire to be like Kitty.

1. When she tried to give life advice.

2. When she made sacrifices for her family.

3. When she was brutally honest.

4. When she didn't feel appreciated.

5. When she didn't hold back.

6. When she borrowed Red's signature phrase.


7. When she wished the youths would follow in her footsteps.

8. When she was completely fed up with the men in her life.


9. When she realized wine solves every problem.


10. When she was proud of her decorations.

11. When she spoke the truth.


12. When she did what she had to in order to win.


13. When she offered constructive criticism.

14. When she revealed the secret to a perfect meal.


15. When she enjoyed her son's favorite activity.


16. When she asked the important questions.

17. When her feelings were hurt.

18. And finally, when she used math to prove her point.