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17 Times Felix Dawkins Was The Unsung Hero Of "Orphan Black"

Brother sestra forever.

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1. When he had a sentimental heart-to-heart with Cosima.

2. And he wasn't afraid to throw shade at Sarah.

3. When he helped Alison justify the fact that she committed murder.

4. When he channeled his inner straight man in an attempt to swindle Krystal.


6. When he put his foot in his mouth while visiting Alison in rehab.

7. When he wasn't afraid to put Rachel in her damn place.

8. When he blended right in with the suburban crowd.


10. When he was sick of people inhabiting his bed.

12. When he got his boogie on with Gracie and Mrs. S.


15. When he was just trying to let loose.

16. When he gave Cosima a brilliant makeover.

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