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Who Are You In South 201? (Take 2)

Because it wouldn't post the first time

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  1. Where are you on a typical weeknight?

    In your living room, door closed and headphones in
    Literally anywhere but home
    Camping out in your living room under your comforter
    In the living room watching your shows
  2. What's your favourite thing to do in the CA?

    Talk to one of your professors about all the suggested reading they’ve given you
    Building stuff
    Rehearsing I guess? IDK do you actually even go to the CA
    Work with Paul in electrics where you are trying your best
  3. What do you like to do when no one else is home?

    Skateboard down the hall
    Revel in the peace and quiet
    Memorize your lines
    Watch your shows
  4. What's your favourite meal in the CR?

    Shrimp Scampi Risotto
    Probably something healthy like a salad
    You don't actually come home so we don't know if you eat or not
    Anything pasta
  5. What are your feelings on Paige Harrington?

    Literal love of my life; saw her in New Visions and am 10x more in love with her
    Super cool and needs to give me more hugs
    I don't know her that well?
    ???? who
  6. How is your room decorated?

    There are probably decorations somewhere but there are too many clothes on the floor to find them
    You literally just have a pair of underwear pinned to the wall
    Show posters. So. Many. Show. Posters
    Anime stuff and a mini Kylo Ren
  7. What time do you typically go to bed?

    Around midnight like a normal person
    I only start my homework at 2 a.m.; I see the sun rise every day
    Anywhere from 11-1 a.m
    I only feel alive after midnight
  8. What's your drink of choice?

    Anything you can pour into a Pepsi bottle
    Some nice wine
    Probably milk?
    IDC as long as it's sugary and strong
  9. How good are you at doing your chores on time?

  10. How do you feel about this quiz?

    Truly indifferent
    Did not know it was being made
    Offended and doesn't want to be #roasted
    You created it because you, like your peers, do not want to do work

Who Are You In South 201? (Take 2)

You got: Lauren

You got Lauren! You call literally everyone younger than you your child, you have some amount of sawdust on your body at any point in time, and you feel physically incomplete when you don't have at least one knife in your pocket.

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You got: Emily

You're literally never home so I am shocked you were aware of this quiz. You've probably been fired and rehired from a job at least four times, you cut your own bangs in the sink, and you basically accidentally got sucked into theatre and now you're stuck here.

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You got: Julie

You're probably super offended that this quiz exists tbh. You love anime, not doing your homework in a timely manner, and might have a Napoleon complex but we love you anyways. Sorry you got #roasted

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You got: Hannah

You should feel #blessed if you got this result because it means you're the most put together person in your friend group, even if the cleanliness of your room does not reflect that

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