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There's A Little Bit Of Issa In All Of Us: Insecure Issa Part 2

Let's delve into the transformation of Issa from season 1 to seasons 2 and 3.

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The one risk that changed it all.


It is commonly stated theory that women take less risks than men. However according to researchers at Columbia Business School, that statement is not entirely accurate. Based on the research, it was found that men and women actually take equal amounts of risk, just in different aspects of their lives. Women tend to take more risks in their social lives, while men take more risks on the financial side. Last time we left off, Issa had met Daniel and discovered a different side of herself. This led to her taking the ultimate social risk: cheating on Lawrence with Daniel. Of course, there's many reasons why people in seemingly stable relationships cheat. People fall out of love, don't feel fulfilled, or just feel like they've never taken a significant risk before. For Issa's character, it was something between all three of those things.

The Impact.

Cheating with Daniel was the choice that changed everything for Issa in later seasons. By watching the show you can tell that Issa's character regrets her decision and still loves Lawrence but a small part of her was eager to be single. Issa begins making more clearly defined decisions in her life after cheating on Lawrence. She first decides that she would like to enjoy being single and not jump into any kind of emotional relationship. In fact she decides to make a "rotation" of guys simply for hookups. Issa becomes more blunt and upfront about what she wants from men. In a sequence of scenes where she goes on first dates with guys from different dating sites, Issa shows absolutely no interest in any of the guys sitting across from her. Remember the raps she used to do in season 1? well the raps have now become thoughts that are flowing through her mind but instead of rapping or just thinking about them, she's begun saying them out loud. Her personality has become more open, sarcastic, and straight-forward. Her sense of style has also taken a turn. Issa's character is clearly more confident with herself and her body in seasons 2 and 3 when she wears more brightly colored/printed shirts, skirts and dresses. However, her confidence in her newfound self waivers one day in her apartment when she realizes how much she still loves Lawrence. She looks at a stain in the wall (caused by a fire when she was hosting a party trying to get over Lawrence) and realizes that she messed everything up. The stain becomes this looming thing that stares at her whenever she walks into the apartment and it essentially represents her relationship with Lawrence: a blank, bleak canvas with a huge black stain at the top of it. At one point she looks around her apartment (which she used to share with Lawrence) and is overcome with emotion. She begins breaking everything around her and throwing things across the room. I think this breakdown symbolized how Issa felt in that moment: alone and angry. She was angry at herself for cheating but also angry that Lawrence had led her to it (even if he didn't know it). After this point Issa begins reevaluating everything. She realizes that the first step to moving on is to leave behind the apartment that shared all their memories together. Issa does this without having money or a plan of where to move to next, but she does it regardless because she knows it has to be done. The apartment represented many things in Issa's past and her decision to move out meant that she was attempting a fresh start. While moving out, Lawrence comes to pick up his things at the apartment and has a heart to heart with Issa. Issa confesses how much she still loves him, and he tells her that she wasn't the only one to blame for how things went downhill in their relationship. When Lawrence is leaving, the scene flashes to Issa's thoughts where Lawrence decides to propose right there in the apartment and they continue their lives together in the home that they essentially built together. Issa flashes back to reality but decides to let Lawrence go (who is now in a relationship). This shows a change of maturity in Issa and a willingness to let Lawrence be happy with someone else, even though she's still in love with him.

Can you relate?

Whenever I see the picture above I start laughing because at one point or another in my life, I have felt the exact same way. I found myself relating to Issa in seasons 2 and 3 because I, like many other humans, have the "let's screw it up" phase. You know the phase you have when everything is going right at work or at school or in your relationship so you decide to blow it up inadvertently? Yeah that phase. It happens to the very best of us but the important thing to remember is that it does happen. Just like Issa, your life may fall apart for a bit and things might drastically change but in the end, you grow and learn from the mistakes you've made and you become a better person because of them.

Will there be a happy ending for Issa and Lawrence or are you hoping for Issa and Daniel? #teamlawrence #teamdaniel #issaevolution

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