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Stranger Things- Eleven Season 1

In the famed words of Eleven...this show is pretty b**chin.

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Season 1


In season 1, Eleven (played by Millie Bobby Brown) appeared in Hawkins Indiana as the newest mysterious occurrence in a series of strange events happening in the town. When we first see Eleven, she has a shaved head, a hospital gown and the number 11 tattooed on her wrist. She's quiet but learns phrases quickly and has an affinity for food and Eggo's (as seen in the picture above). Eleven communicates mainly through facial expressions but learns to speak more often when she meets Mike who is played by Finn Wolfhard . She begins opening up and connecting the most with Mike who teaches her phrases such as: b**tchin, mouth breather, and friends don't lie. Although the rest of Mike's friends don't trust Eleven at the beginning, Eleven constantly tries to protect them and keep them out of harms way. Although she has clearly been through a lot of trauma, Eleven's strength and love for her friends is a staple theme throughout the first season. She begins winning over the group, specifically Dustin when she defends him and Mike from bullies. After trying to prevent the boys from finding the 'Upside Down', Eleven disappears when she feels like she's tearing the group apart. The boys feel deserted and hopeless in their fight against the Demogorgon (a creature from the Upside Down) until Eleven shows up and makes the ultimate sacrifice for her friends. When she kills the creature using her telepathic powers, Eleven also disappears. At the end of season 1, we see Eleven begin to develop romantic feelings for Mike but also enjoy living a seemingly normal life with his friends, which leads her to sacrifice her 'life' for theirs.

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